Olive Condiments Tasting – Box of 3 jars

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An Assortment Box of 3 Condiment Jars to choose from 9 flavors:

Pure Olive, a touch of health and Mediterranean flavor in your diet.

Zaatar, flavor, aroma and versatility from the Middle Eastern cuisine in a harmonious blend of spices.

Vera, give a special and incomparable flavor to your stews with this typical ingredient of the Spanish cuisine.

Espelette, a perfect balance of pure flavors and a spicy touch that evoke the Basque-French culture.

Bolets, flavor and grandeur in your dishes with a mix of Reishi and Shitake mushrooms.

Indian, our particular curry.

Mole, a touch of the traditional Mexican cuisine.

Morocco, flavor, aroma and warmth for stews with Arabic flavor.

Black Wasabi, a soft mix for lovers of the spicy and Japanese cuisine.


This innovative family of condiments developed from our olive flour, mark a before and after in healthy seasoning.

From our “Pure Olive”, the only condiment in the world from exclusively dehydrated olive pulp very rich in antioxidants and high in fiber, we have developed a range of condiments that obey the search for the perfect combination between taste and health.

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