What is an unfiltered olive oil?

Today, we seek to consume healthy foods of the highest possible quality, obtained from a natural process and that does not contaminate or reduce the properties it has to offer. That is why unfiltered oil has become so popular in recent years, due to its production process and its greater beneficial contribution to our body.

Unfiltered oil juice is characterized by the presence of lumps and impurities, such as remains of the pulp, skin and bone of the olive. These settle naturally, stay at the bottom and are eliminated more or less quickly, depending on different factors such as extraction, maturation or the variety of the olive.

Why is it different from filtered oil?

There are many differences between filtered oil and unfiltered oil, not only in its appearance but also in the properties it retains. First, we will easily differentiate an oil that has not gone through the filtering process by its aesthetic appearance. These types of oil, also called branch oil, have a cloudier and less translucent color due to those suspended remaining solids and small amounts of water.

On the other hand, beyond that lack of shine that does appear in filtered oils, these types of olive extract without a refinement process are characterized by a small difference in flavor and aroma, which tends to make them more intense.

In addition, when the olive is not filtered, its properties remain much more intact. Therefore, it is more beneficial for the body and more natural when consuming it. Its freshness, which can only be appreciated by its darker appearance, is also one of the reasons why consumers more likely prefer this type of olive oil over a filtered one.

Properties and flavor of unfiltered oil

If extra virgin olive oil already has great qualities that are absolutely essential for our diet, since they take care of our body, these excellent properties are multiplied with unfiltered oil. By not going through a process of eliminating purities, not only solid elements are maintained, but also the benefits that all of them provide, in different ways, to our body.

Polyphenols, so present in vegetable fats, are one of the main elements that can be found in this class of products. There are two classes of polyphenols, nonpolar and polar. The latter are present in the water and eliminated during the filtering. However, they remain when that process is not carried out.

This powerful natural antioxidant remains more active as the olive does not pass through the filters. Polyphenols contribute to anti-aging and skin care. In addition, it helps prevent cardiovascular and neurodegenerative problems.

As for its flavour, unfiltered oil preserves its nuances and intensity better, making its tasting more natural and pleasant for the different senses. This makes it ideal for consumption naturally.

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