What is the Coupage olive oil?

When we talk about oils, we can differentiate two types according to the number of olive varieties used: the single varietals or, failing that, coupage oil. The latter is one that is produced with at least two different kinds of olive.

This type of oil can be produced in two ways: the first is in the traditional way, combining both varieties at the same time in the mill. This process can be complicated since both types of olive must be at the same point of collection and maturation to create a good oil. It is usually done in large volume plantations, where it is not separated by variety.

Secondly, the coupage, which comes from the French word for “mixture”, can be carried out after the production of the oil. In this way, it is easier to control that both varieties are at the same point and with what quantities of each of them you want to make the combination. Thus, you can better play with the harmony, flavors, and aromas that you want to give this oil.

Knowing how to count on the climate of each olive, its production times, and the harmonious combination of its texture, aroma, and flavor is a laborious task, which in no way conflicts with the final quality of the oil.

¿Qué es el aceite coupage?

What is the difference between coupage oil and the other oils?

A coupage oil is mainly characterized by having more complex nuances, noticeable by more discerning palates. Even so, you don’t have to be an expert in olive extracts or a foodie to appreciate the mixture of different varieties.

The combination of olives belonging to different varieties does not imply a reduction in the quality of the seasoning. On the contrary, it often allows us to consume two types of olives with great characteristics, combining beneficial properties in a single splash or spoonful.

Coupage oils are perfect also for salads and dressings, since they allow us to appreciate nuances that by themselves may be less intense, and that combined provide us with a new experience, which is worth giving the palate a try. In addition, the polyphenols contained in it multiply and, therefore, so do all the antioxidant and good benefits for our body, so present in extra virgin olive oils.

The combinations of olives can be different and can be from two to more than three. For example, mixtures with Cornicabra, Picual and Arróniz olives allow us to savor these three kinds of olives of remarkable quality and characteristics, which we possibly would not consume separately, since that people tend to buy the same types of bottled oils, that is, of the same variety.

Consuming organic and natural EVOO is always a favorable option for our diet and care. For this reason, coupage oil helps us to combine, in a single bottle, the properties we need and that doctors recommend. Whether through a blending process or another, this type of liquid olive extract helps us get to know different varieties and better appreciate the body, intensity and dynamism of the different kinds of olives.

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