What is the Cornicabra olive oil?

Within the wide variety of ranges of oils that we can find on the market, there are monovarietals, those made from a single type of olive. This is the case of Cornicabra oil, which owes its name to its elongated shape and resemblance to a horn. This type of oil stands out for a fairly intense flavor, with a slightly more noticeable spiciness than the rest of the oils, and a greenish-yellow color.

This late-harvested fruit is the second most produced type of olive in Spain. Its fame and high consumption are due, mainly, to all the beneficial qualities it brings to the body and its very healthy properties.

botella de aceite de olive cornicabra

Properties of the Cornicabra olive oil

If it is one of the most consumed in Spain, it is because this type of oil has more than enough reasons to be chosen by people. Its health-promoting properties, owing to its natural contributions, are many and varied. This makes it an ideal condiment both for dressings and salads, and for fried foods.

The Cornicabra oil is mainly known for being high in polyphenols. Polyphenols are plant-based compounds with very powerful antioxidant properties. They are present in many fruits and vegetables, especially in extra virgin olive oils, and in this case, it stands out in those of the Cornicabra type. Antioxidants are very beneficial when it comes to preventing cardiovascular or neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

The properties of this compound, which combats our body’s oxidation, are not only good for us in the inside but also has an impact on the outside, especially on our dermis. Antioxidants are also used as effective anti-aging methods by keeping our skin and its cells in very good condition.

Awards of the Cornicabra Oil

This type of olive juice stands out for its quality, flavor and aroma that stands out above the rest of extra virgin type oils. When we also talk about ecological oils, cold-harvested, respectful of the environment and the fruit itself, their qualities improve.

Consequently, many of the oils of this type may be awarded in annual contests at international and national level. This is the case of Cornicabra EVOO from Ecoprolive. It has been awarded on more than one occasion with international distinctions.

Among them, the World Best Healthy EVOO Contest 2020 stands out, in which the Best Healthy EVOO in the World and its 3 Top Ten Certificates came in 4th place by its healthy composition. In addition, that same year it also won a Silver medal at the London International Olive Oil Health Competitions, in the category Quality Awards and Bronze in the category of Health Claim Awards.

It is thus clear that cornicabra oil is a great option for daily consumption, especially when it is organic and from market brands that ensure that its beneficial properties are maintained intact for our body.

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