Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a juice extracted from olives known for its excellent quality, both in terms of flavor and aroma. Today, it is used worldwide as a food seasoning, thanks to its beneficial properties. For this reason, organic extra virgin olive oil is an essential option when you want to opt for authentic environment-friendly food .

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Health benefits of organic EVOO

EVOO is highly recommended for the benefits it brings to people, both internally and externally.

One of its benefits is its anti-ageing effect that comes from the vitamin E naturally present in the olive oil and that helps to boost the elasticity of the skin while protecting it from the UV lights. Besides, the hydroxytyrosol, one its components, prevents further damage to the dermis.

This gold liquid, at the heart of the Mediterranean diet, is also anti-inflammatory thanks to the oleocanthal, compound that gives the characteristic spiciness of this very pure oil. Among its other properties, those essential to take care of health stand out, such as those preventive of cardiovascular pathologies. The fatty acids and antioxidants contained in this olive extract act as controllers of cholesterol in the blood.

The benefits of consuming the oil are such that experts recommend a daily intake of at least four tablespoons on an empty stomach. In addition, this type of condiment improves glucose levels, controls blood pressure and, therefore, reduces the chances of suffering diseases such as diabetes.

Types of organic extra virgin olive oils

Organic virgin oil is characterized by a 100% ecological process, which ensures that the properties of the olive are kept intact. There can be two types: without pitting or performing the pitting of the olive, which prevents oxidation and the addition of water during the extraction of the oil. The chemical-free and fertilizer-free process helps to protect natural resources.

There are different types of olive oils, which will depend on the variety of olive with which they are made. To classify a good olive juice as organic, it is necessary, first and foremost, an exhaustive search for the best varieties with the healthiest properties, as well as ensuring the best time of the harvesting of the olive.

In Spain, there are more than 200 varieties of olives, among the most common are:

  • Arbequina
  • Hojiblanca
  • Picual
  • Cornicabra
  • Picudo
  • Royal
  • Sevillenca
  • Blanqueta
  • Alfafara
  • Morisca


For an EVOO to be 100% organic, it must have the corresponding certification according to European regulations and meet a series of requirements. In addition, the way the oil is extracted will also marks the difference between one and the other types. There are two types of extraction, which can be cold, as is done in ECOPROLIVE, and which ensures to preserve all the beneficial properties of this seasoning at its optimum, as well as its characteristic flavor and aroma.

Ecoprolive organic extra virgin olive oil production process

In general, the olive harvest season begins in September and can last until January. The factors that can influence the harvest are: the variety of the olive, the point of maturity of the fruit, the climatic conditions and the purpose in the market. To obtain superior quality olive oils, the olives are harvested between October and November, thus producing oils of ultra-early harvest or veraison. In addition, although the process is more difficult and more expensive since we need more kilograms of fruit to extract a liter of oil, it is much more concentrated in antioxidants, making it a virgin olive oil extra healthy for the body.

Contrary to most organic extra virgin olive oils, Ecoprolive oils are obtained from pitted olives. This stage avoids filtering, oxidation and addition of water in the oil extraction process. As a result, we get an oil that preserves its high content of polyphenols and healthy fatty acids.

Ecoprolive organic extra virgin olive oil awards

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