ECOPROLIVE is 100% organic, suitable for vegans, celiacs and all those people concerned about health.


HEALTH. + 400% active compounds (> 20 mg antioxidants / 20 g EVOO). (>20 mg antioxidantes / 20 g AOVE). Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) ECOPROLIVE 2018 provide at least 400% more polyphenols than the amount established by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to consider an EVOO healthy for the cardiovascular system (>5 mg antioxidants / 20 g EVOO) .
We select the healthiest fruits with the highest content in antioxidants and through our unique and patented process we ensure the highest quality of our products, keeping intact the properties of the olives.
> World Best Healthy EVOO Contest 2019 Award for its healthy composition in fatty acids and biophenols.
> Nomination to the Product of the Year 2019 in Free From Food Barcelona.

FLAVOR. Olive Oil Award in BIOFACH 2019 to Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered ECOPROLIVE.
GULFOOD Innovation Award to our fiber 100% olive rich in antioxidants PreBIOfenol, a superfood rich in polyphenols that has served as the basis of a range of 15 healthy olive-based condiments that emulate the flavors of the world’s most lauded gastronomic cultures.

SUSTAINABILITY = ZERO WASTE. We have developed an environmentally friendly process that integrates green technologies. We are an innovative project awarded by the European Commission for our respect for the environment and we will continue in our efforts to demonstrate our sustainable and ground-breaking nature.

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