GULFOOD Innovation Award to our 100% olive Fiber rich in antioxidants PreBIOfenol


Olive Oil Award BIOFACH 2019 to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered


World Best Healthy EVOO Award 2019 to our EVOO Limited Edition.

FFF 2019

Nominee Product of the Year 2019 at Free From Food Barcelona.



Our products are the result of a unique project. In 2012, we broke with the traditional way of treating olives and in 2018 we created a range of natural, healthy and sustainable EVOOs and olive condiments for the enjoyment of those who look after their health and the environment. Thanks to an innovative patented process, we preserve the active compounds of the olive in the entire ECOPROLIVE range, thus developing olive superfoods:

› PreBIOfenol: Olive prebiotic fiber rich in polyphenols
› Olive condiments that incorporate 50% PreBIOfenol in their formulation.
› Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) of pitted olives rich in polyphenols.

Furthermore, ECOPROLIVE makes responsible consumption easier with a range of unique natural products from olives, rich in fiber and antioxidants, key compounds to keep our microbiota healthy and active (gastrointestinal health depends on the health of the microbiota).

Our products

Healthy, natural and unique EVOOs and Olive Condiments

PreBIOfenol – Prebiotic Fiber 100% Olive

A Flavorful food ingredient launched worldwide at GULFOOD 2018. Its high content in dietary fiber and phenolic compounds brings beneficial effects on the intestinal health and the antioxidant function.

500ml Unfiltered Extra Virgin pitted Olive Oil (Organic)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EcoPROLIVE iconic product for those who enjoy tasty, natural and healthy EVOO. Presented in a non-filtered format to preserve maximum health properties and flavour of our best-selected olives.

EVOOs Varietal Line
EVOOs varietal line

ECOPROLIVE Extra Virgin Olive Oil product range (100% organic) includes a pre-process for pitted olives, controlled temperature and no exposure to oxygen to preserve and achieve a top quality EVOO.

Essential Olive Oil
Olive Extract

The Olive Extract can be used as a base for the preparation of many types of edible, cosmetics and massages oils. It contains  5 times more antioxidants than EVOOs (Vitamin E, Polyphenols and Phytosterols) and high levels of Squalene.

Olive Spice
Olive Condiments

“Pure Olive”, the only condiment in the world exclusively from dehydrated olive pulp. Very rich in antioxidants and high in fiber content. A perfect combination between health and flavor.

Recurso 2

The olive is the most representative fruit of the Mediterranean diet. From Puente la Reina (Navarra), and after 6 years of applied research, ECOPROLIVE shows that it is possible to innovate to improve key aspects of health and sustainability.