Materia de la extracción de la oliva

Why Ecoprolive

Quality and Sustainability

Located in Navarra (Spain) our worldwide innovative range of products is launched in 2018 from a patented production process that is both, sustainable to the environment, and respectful to the quality of the raw material.

We are proud to present best results to our clients (unique products rich in polyphenols-natural anti-oxidants) and society (sustainability based on zero waste process).

EcoPROLIVE, after 5 years of research (2013-2017), implemented a novel process to transform one of the richest fruit for human cardiovascular health (olives) into natural unique polyphenol rich based products as a novelty at worldwide level.

Ecoprolive targets the modern health conscious consumer concerned about the environment, looking for top food quality products rich in attributes for human nutrition and health.


WE decide to work with the “healthiest” and most available raw materials in our area.

Olives are nutritious and delicious fruits with a range of health benefits including their ability to protect against antioxidant damage, heart disease, reverse bone loss, prevent various cancers, reduce inflammation and arthritis and improve digestion. They help to soothe allergic reactions, improve blood circulation, boost cognitive function, defend against infections, and lower blood pressure. There are many species of olives, and some may have more or less of the important components that add to your health, but we only work with the best ones. All olives possess certain elements that make them irreplaceable in a healthy diet.

We recommend including olive ingredients in your daily diet for nutrition and health long term benefits.

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EcoPROLIVE is the result of implementing a novel process (patented) to transform the olive into a unique and natural polyphenol-rich based product.

When sourcing olives, we choose those with maximum levels of anti-oxidants. We ensure the fruit is harvested at the optimal moment of ripeness and grade the crop using a meticulous scoring system.

Unlike traditional producers, we remove the stone using a non-destructive process before separation without filtering, ensuring we get pure polyphenol-rich extra virgin oil and paste. All process is under 22ºC controlled temperature, with no water added, no oxygen exposure, and vacuum low temperature drying continuous system to best maintain full properties of olives in our products.

Throughout the production process, our laboratory performs continuous analysis and checks to monitor fatty acids and polyphenol levels at all stages of the process, ensuring a consistently high standard of production.

We make full use of nature’s bounty – we use no chemical additives, no destructive processes, creating no waste.


Thanks to our novel process, we use the whole olive to manufacture distinct but complementary Ecoprolive products: a gourmet extra virgin olive oil, a natural olive extract, and the world’s first Phenol-Rich fibre (100% olive). All Ecoprolive products are rich in polyphenols-natural anti-oxidants.

Our international and innovative focus is shown in our products inside and outside.

Ecoprolive targets the modern health-conscious consumer concerned about the environment, looking for novel but natural high-quality food products rich in health attributes.


Our products are ideal for celiac and gluten free diets, for sufferers from diabetes, for those with skin care problems such as eczema, or with gastrointestinal and/or heart health problems.

Besides using EcoPROLIVE products, our clients achieve best food matrix conservation SPECs.

Quality and sustainability are our innovation drivers to deliver unique natural olive-based products to the most demanding clients worldwide.